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Sunday, 28 June 2020

Is it necessary to take supplements

Supplements are nothing but a combination of nutrients, vitamins, minerals which helps you to boost your muscle growth and immunity as well.

Let's come to the point "Is It necessary to intake & Is it Safe ?"

Simply we can say it is safe to use, until or unless it is a trusted brand and quality, but before going to use it better to know about the product and ingredients they are using in the supplement you going to use. Because, as the supplements market is increasing day by day there is a higher chance of making a duplicate, which is a great time to make some money for fraudsters so be aware of that. As a customer, you need to know the authenticate of the product and quality assurance.

Are supplements must when your hitting gym? The answer is simply No. Yes, there is no mandatory to take supplements to build body, there are millions of people hitting the gym without any additional supplements they just manage with their basic diet. But when your diet is not covered with protein then you have to take the supplement for sure because you'll get some good protein in just one scoop if you are a beginner. As we all know the main factor to build muscle is because of protein.

Stop using pills to get a body which is not recommended by so many trainers and nutritionist. It may not affect early but sure it will affect your long journey. Muscle can't build without exercise and proper diet but some fraudsters are encouraging the newbies in the gym by providing pills that will give big muscles without doing hard work, but they don't know it gonna be worse in their long run of life, They ended up their lives in a very young age.

Supplements we can get in different ways mostly in whey protein powder, pre/post workout BCAA, Protein bars, Fish oil, etc., Each had a unique way to replenish your body.
1. To build a muscle you need to take whey protein powder which helps to reduce excess fat also.
2. While doing gym you'll lose excess water from your body and felt like stress also glutamine content will reduce that feels like you can't lift more weights. So, then BCAA will help you out by giving instant energy.

If your muscle is doing great without any stress then no need for supplements but in some cases, you need additional power to push your body and maintain great shape then you can go with supplements without any doubt.

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