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Thursday, 14 May 2020

Gym Diet For Beginners | Protein Diet


Diet is the most essential part of gym-goers. They do well in doing workouts 24x7 but when it comes to the diet they perform poorly, which means they don't have a lack of knowledge about nutrition, protein regarding the gym diet.

For Body Builders, while doing continuously gym for 2-3 hours their body will pump with muscle but after 8-10 hours it gets back to the original state unless they took a proper diet to maintain the muscle. Mostly gym diet covers protein because it fuels and pumps the muscles to look like a Greek god. Where bodybuilders have to make their bodies shredded and ripped for competitions to show their muscles perfectly, so they underwent some low levels of body fat. Protein helps them to achieve their goal easily. So, they must calculate the gym diet daily.

We can get a rich protein diet from the chicken, fish, egg white. Here one thing needs to understand there is two type category of people veg and non-veg. Mostly we'll get high protein is non-veg and we'll get in veg too. But need to consume more to reach the required protein level in the body. So, for vegetarians they need to eat more and workout more then only they'll get the perfect shape without fat. Protein in veggies from brown rice, black chana, quinoa, veg salad, sweet potato, wheat bread.

Gym Diet For Beginners

Morning after cardio 7:00 am - 1 Scoop Whey Protein
Morning Breakfast 9:00 am - 8 Boiled Egg White, 4 Slice Whole Wheat Bread
Afternoon Lunch 12:00 pm - 150g Boiled Chicken, 1 Cup Brown Rice
Evening Snack 5:00 pm - 1 Cup Black Chana Soaked, 1 Glass Orange Juice
Dinner 8:00 pm - 4 roti, 1 Cup Brown Rice
Before Sleep 10:00 pm - 1 Scoop Whey Protein

This is the basic gym diet for beginners. Where in this diet it covers protein, fiber, carbs, vitamins to maintain the perfect calorie and fuel your muscle. Build immunity power as well which can help to lead life safely. Eat quality food and live a healthy life.

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