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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Best way to lose excess fat | Weight loss mantra


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Everyone had a wish like without doing anything have to reduce weight but impossible in reality. As a human being, you need to put some sort of effect to improvise yourself.Let's check out how to reduce weight in a healthy way.

Calculate the intake

This is the utmost important thing need to keep in mind.Never try to reduce your intake(fasting, one apple a day) for fat loss it's a myth, try to calculate what are you ingesting and how much you supposed to take.

By doing this you can able to know how to manage your diet accordingly.
1. Know your calorie intake it varies person to person.
2. Reduce carb intake and increase protein content in the diet.
3. Split your diet into 4-5 partitions, in place of ingesting loads at a time.

The calorie count is the most important thing you need to know when you decide to start fat's not good for health if calorie imbalance takes place.Calculate your calorie count click here

For ex:- If your intake calorie is 2200 Kcal then split into shifts.

  • Morning (Breakfast) - 600 Kcal
  • Morning snack - 200 Kcal
  • Afternoon (Lunch) - 600 Kcal
  • Evening snack - 200 Kcal
  • Night (Dinner) - 600 Kcal

If calorie count intake reduced you feel ill and sick not instant but gradually, if the count is increased in some cases it leads to fat when you haven't done proper exercise.

While reducing the carbs be sure you're taking up to the count it is necessary to take carbs but not too much.If carb content reduced in the body it leads to low BP which is not a good sign to be healthy.

When it comes to splitting the shifts it's a little bit tough for jobholders and employes due to their work management.There won't be enough time for them to eat diet properly but it's your life so, you have to take care of yourself.

Workout or basic exercise

Most of the works nowadays is need to sit in front of the pc/laptop for a long time, which leads to a fat increase in the tummy area.So, perform some basic workouts which assist you to control the excess fat within the body. Don't think like I'll reduce my intake and I won't do any exercise.But that doesn't work. While doing a diet you will undergo some changes in the body, if it combines with exercise you'll get a nice shape too.So, try to burn at least 500 Kcal to avoid fat.

Moderate walking is the best basic exercise so try to cover at least 8000 steps a day which helps for heart function too.

Don't do any hard workouts at the beginning itself, start slowly which body can support initially, afterward, you can do once you understand the strategies.If you are a beginner don't watch videos related like 10 days to reduce fat, 15 days for perfect abs. Truly, it won't work.Because they are people who already did some exercise in their beyond. There is no instant formula, you have to be patience and see the results gradually.


By doing diet control and workouts, will help you to reduce the fat in the body.
Motivate yourself, you are the only one who benefited by doing this.

#Perfect day to start. Let's do it!!!!!!