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Saturday, 4 April 2020

Is bungee jumping safe | Best posture for bungee

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Prepare Yourself
  3. Excellent Posture
  4. My Experience
  5. Conclusion


Bungee is often a sports activities pastime that someone used to jump from heights the use of rope or rubber. Basic bungee word comes from rubber which means a rope crafted from rubber. They wrap a massive wide variety of rubber wires around the rope.

When you have any doubt like how rubber will manipulate the body weight, in easy words " If it is single it was weak, but if it unites it was strong". Also, there will be rope within the rubber with related from tip to bottom.

Prepare Yourself

In case you want to do bungee simply prepare yourself with some precautions or safety measures. Before doing bungee it's better not to have a tummy full of food, the satisfactory  consumption earlier than 3-4 hours due to the fact at the some time as doing bungee if food is in the stomach it may sense vomit sensation and uneasiness.

You need to check whether you are fit for bungee.So, you should not have these kinds of experience in your past life.
  • Bone fracture
  • Pregnancy(on the time of bungee)
  • Heart attack
  • Acrophobia(Fear of heights)
  • Over weight(obesity weight problems)
  • Diabetes.
If you do not belong to the above cases you can enjoy the bungee accurately.

Excellent Posture

Normally every person is aware of the way to do bungee flawlessly. But, when it comes whilst jumping they miss the correct posture.I agree on occasion when we are at the threshold of the place to leap.Our heartbeat increases steadily and unnoticeably taking a deep breath because of a few type of fear.

Every bungee or sports activities interest place, respective organize humans guide us on the way to do bungee and what's the fine posture to revel in the bounce effectively.Despite the fact that some kind of human beings may not comply with it, maybe fear or something else on the subject of jumping.

The great posture I select is simply made sure that your foot half of element out of the threshold. Make your hands spread broadly and hold the focal point on the the front(Stright).Don't examine the floor, in case you are doing the first time. As it makes you fear or faint. So, kindly avoid it.

Then the organizer makes sure that you are ready to jump or not. They cross-check whether knots and cables are properly connected or not.Meanwhile organizer or activist will keep you lower back tightly.

Sooner or later, they'll ask to lean ahead so you must lean barely, avoid bending your knee while they are saying lean because people use to bend.Via doing bend one might not enjoy the bounce. If the whole thing is nice they name countdown to release or mild push your back.

My Experience

I did my first bungee in INDYA BUNGY GOA which is located in south goa, 80 min journey from goa.We reached there at 9:30 am and start the bungee process by fill a form that consists of personal details.First, they check body weight so that they can calculate which kind of bungee rope need to allocate for the person.

We have to pay the amount of 3500/-rs per person before bungee, they'll provide free video coverage in 3 directions.They also have drone shoot but it charges around 1500/- however in case you request you'll get a discount on that.

Once if you enter in bungee cage, In case you decided to drop out from bungee your money was not returnable.While linking knots the best thing I like is that they tie knots and cables not only for your feet but also upper body.

 So, that you won't get huge jerk or stress in the foot area it will reflect throughout your body. Where the organizer crew will guide you to conquer fear.When I was at the edge of the bungee cage I was full of excitement as well as nervous.  However ultimately, I did.

After completing bungee they have got furnished the certificate  and also elite card.


The elite card has a validity of one year and also we get a discount for next bungee at 1500/- only.



When you prepared for bungee select a bungee or sports activity area properly whether they followed all safety measures or not.
Pick out the region by viewing opinions on google or contacting them personally.

#Be safe and Be fit.