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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Dudhsagar waterfalls complete guide | goa dairies - DesiYoungster

Dudhsagar waterfalls complete guide | goa diaries

Dudhsagar waterfalls complete guide | goa dairies

Table Of Contents

  1. Waterfalls timings
  2. Waterfalls entry price or ticket
  3. Vehicle allocation
  4. Forest entry price or ticket
  5. The beauty of forest and waterfalls
  6. Conclusion

This post covers my journey experience to Dudhsagar waterfalls

We reached at 9:30 am it was absolutely crowded with a long queue.First of all, we aren't aware about the timings. So, meanwhile, we're waiting in the queue to start, observing the hoardings, and poster bills concerning timings and price.

Waterfalls Timings

Vehicle allocation time begins from 9:00 am - 6:00 pm. The time allocated for the vehicle is 1hour 45 min.Hardly, it took 1 hour for to and fro journey in forest rest of 30 min you can enjoy near waterfalls. They'll maintain threshold time to control the crowd near waterfalls.
Because near waterfalls space will enough for hardly 150-200 people only.

The crowd started increasing from morning onwards so it's better to attain soon.
The end time of the forest 6:00 pm means the last vehicle allocation time will be up to 4:00 pm(which trip covers 1:45 min = 6:00 pm) only beyond that they won't accept.

Waterfalls Entry Price or Ticket

It costs around 500/- per head. They'll give slip with some number, by using that number we need to collect the safety jacket which costs around 40/- per head.

Vehicle Allocation

They allow 8 members in a vehicle. If you guys visit with a team of 6 members then you have to wait for the next 2 members.Otherwise, you have to pay an extra amount in the place of 2 members which means 1000/-.

Forest Entry Price or Ticket

While entering into the forest zone there is a checkpoint where forest rangers will check the vehicle, plastic bottles and cameras.We have to pay 50/- per head and  i'm wondering seeing a board invoice concerning the rate they charge for cameras,  it's around 1500 - 3000 /- which was damn high.

In case you are a foreigner they price greater than standard. You can carry your mobile phones and GoPro. Also, they'll mark on your plastic bottles because forest premises should be plastic-free.
You shouldn't throw any plastic or waste outside the vehicle it was considered as an illegal under littering case.You have to display your plastic bottles when you return to the check post.

The Beauty Of Forest And Waterfalls

Before starting your journey carry some food and water. because it won't be available in the forest.
The journey was too good, you can view the dense forest, varieties of birds, rocks, trees, valleys and small villages on the way to waterfalls.

The best thing is you have to cross in the water flow which you can mostly see in movies but here you can enjoy a real experience.Vehicles are highly powerful which can sustain in high rock and bumpy areas. After reaching the car parking area you have to walk around 150 meters to reach the waterfalls.

You can dive, jump, swim what else just enjoy the moment you have. forget all your problems just dip in chill fresh organic water it just relaxes you in moments.There are a lot of fishes in the water which is big though you can't catch them easily.

The time you left is hardly 30 min near waterfalls after finish you have to go back to the parking area and catch your vehicle.In return you can submit the safety jackets in the car itself driver will give it to the counter by himself.


Total trip cost around 590/- per head. Better carry some stuff to avoid hungry in the middle of the forest.Don't throw plastic in the forest to be a responsible citizen. Just enjoy nature have fun.

#Moment is yours spend wisely.

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