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Sunday, 29 March 2020

Best goa trip plan | Must visit places in goa - DesiYoungster

Best goa trip plan | Must visit places in goa

Table Of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Goa - Day One
    1. Bungee Jump
    2. Baga Beach
    3. Titos Beach
  3. Goa - Day Two
    1. Water Sports
      1. Banana Ride
      2. Ski Jet
      3. Bumper Ride
      4. Boat Paragliding
      5. Scuba Diving
  4. Goa - Day Three
    1. Aguada fort
    2. Wax Museum
    3. Palolem Beach
  5. Goa - Day Four
    1. Dudhsagar Waterfalls


Every teen or youngster dream has to go goa once in life. Here comes my turn to land in goa. This post covers my experience regarding a trip to goa.

It is a four-day trip so we determined because the first couple of days in north goa, and subsequent in south goa. The first day we just landed at Dabolim airport at 6:00 am. when we came outside the airport there are many overseas people right here and there. it looks like some travel agencies, where the agency employees also foreigners, maybe package deal planners in goa.

We are surrounded by a group of local taxi men to hire a cab, also we haven't booked a cab for our trip. Cab charge is just too excessive around 2000/- for simply 10km distance. o, we determine to head with the aid of bus. But the bus service will start at 7:30 am near the airport, we thought it will kill our time. We just start a walk outside the premises of the airport and we start asking local taxi cabs for reasonable prices.

In the meantime, we're trying to find cabs, one guy in scooty discovered that we need a cab. He just got here and inform us concerning rental cars. We came to know that there are no uber and ola services in goa that was sad. Only local taxis or rental cars. So, the best we found is to take a rental car.

We decide to take a rental car and the guy who suggested for cab asked one of our friends to move with him to collect the car and fill some formalities ex: license it simply takes 10 minutes and our adventure starts.

Goa - Day one

Bungee Jump

Our group is complete of adventure spirit guys so we determined to head bungee jump, I have already make a post concerning bungee. Check in the link Bungee Jump.

After finish the bungee activity, we went to the hotel for the check-in process which we already booked a few days back as of our plan. We are new to goa culture and started out wondering all little matters. After an extended adventure, we are hungry, significantly we discovered a restaurant close to our hotel.

Out of doors, it is getting dawn, we started out roaming the goa city as of plan we went to the seaside.

Baga Beach

When we entered the premises of the beach we heard DJ sounds and people taking part in drinks, dancing, singing what else. It's like a carnival close to the beach, the primary attraction here is beachside hotels and bars they embellished well with lights that could entice a person to dine there with there favored drinks or hookah. We roamed there for at least 2 hours it's like time lapsed.

After that we start the city site seeing and went to the restaurant named Raddison, the food was too good we enjoyed the ambiance too.

Titos Beach

This is the place meant for a heaven of enjoyment. Genuinely, I haven't seen this kind of place before. It's kinda street full of pubs. People are dancing, drinking. Also the best place for tattoos. Celebrities used to come here especially for tattoos.

Finally, returns to the room there come to the end of day one.

Goa - Day Two


We decide to go to water sports which can be well-known in goa where nobody wants to leave out it. Booked the tickets for the Atlantis watersports activity. The overall value of around 2000/- per head. So, the respective guy will call you where our hotel locates based on that he will pick up and drop us at that location.

Exact morning at 6 am he called us to be ready for pickup, it was a minivan or bus containing 30 seats, he makes sure that everyone had seated. The sports region is placed close to Mumbai border so it will take around 3 hours to attain the location. It's around 6 we get started, no one of passenger or customer haven't there breakfasted.

 So, they'll arrange the breakfast(dosa, puri, idly) based on choice tea or coffee for complementary but the restaurants they chose mostly crowded. After 3 hours journey, we reached Malvan beach.

There we need to pay the rest of the amount, excluded advance payment. After finish the payment process they'll supply us with protection jackets by way of gathering the tickets, which we were given from the reserving place. Watersports consist of five kinds of events as mentioned below.

  • banana ride
  • ski jet
  • bumper ride
  • Paragliding
  • scuba diving

Banana Ride

The ride was very funny and excited, one can enjoy it if he/she was the last member of the seating order. There will be a guide at the front and back to take care of the riders until reaching the seashore. They'll tell information about how to be seated also they'll ask whether you need a dip in the sea or not. That was the best moment in the ride.

When we reach 50-60 meters in the sea they just flip the boat which makes us dip in the sea, it was an awesome and waah moment. So, try to dip if you want adventures because it was too worthy.

Ski Jet

The jet ride also nice but not that much when compared to the banana ride. You'll get excited only when the ski jet is going via the big waves due to the fact the water is sprinkling to your face.

Bumper Ride

In this ride, you have to lie down on the bumper boat which is made of some plastic or rubber material packed with air. It was just hardly one min ride mostly kids will enjoy it.

Boat Paragliding

This event is conducted 100-200 meters away from shore. so, you need to get a steamboat which allocates  8 people for seating. After that, we need to enter in a paragliding boat and need to wait for your turn.

Meanwhile, they'll guide us on how to hold the cables to control the parachute, also we need to put on some cables and links. Here also there is water dip but they'll fee for that, it's around 100/- and for GoPro, they fee 200/-.

Scuba Diving

While finishing the above four rides it was around 2 pm and we're feeling hungry however the management stated you are not allowed to scuba in case you eat a tummy full of food.

So, it's better to have some light meals. Finally, we got a call for scuba diving because we need to wait until the previous batch finishes their dive. Here also the same thing as paragliding we need to get a boat and reach the scuba diving point.

They'll allocate some token number to identify the person while taking the video undersea which is complementary. We must put on a dive mask, when it comes to your turn we need to get inside the sea and they'll provide some time to practice. So, you can decide whether to continue to dive or drop. If you drop from dive, the cash won't be refundable. 

After crowning glory of all sports occasions, we are able to have a freshwater bath and then cross for lunch which is complementary in the package. That's a desire of veg/non-veg.

We return to the hotel after 3 hrs journey. So, we just fresh up and start roaming the goa streets for dinner. Where ever you have seen, you just found several restaurants which offer drinks, hookah, live music especially. We went to a Portuguese eating place had a tremendous time.

There comes the end of Day two.

Goa - Day Three

As a part of our plan, we decide to head south goa and we booked our hotel close to holland seaside.

Aguada Fort

There are quite a few forts in goa however as of our search in google, we got more reviews for Aguada fort so we decided to visit this place. Also, it was built by Portuguese people in 1612. There is a car parking area which is chargeable around 50-100/- and it varies.

The entry fee for the fort is 15/- per person and the quality element is sea view that melts the heart of ones who love sceneries.

Wax Museum

We visited the wax museum, where it has loads of well-known humans idols forex: Modiji, Gandhi, Sachin, Hollywood stars, marvel characters. We haven't predicted the location that offers a lot of fun, also it has a 7D theatre.

Palolem Beach

palolem-beach-sunset-viewWhich is famous for sunset view. Even though it was a little long way we decided to head, it's like a remote place very near to nature.

The beach was full of foreigners, couples, a family enjoying with their kids. There are some bamboo, penthouses where we can stay.

Also live fish grill, drinks available at near seashore restaurants.

Goa - Day Four

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

We went to Dudhsagar waterfalls as the last destination of our trip. If you need more info click on the link Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

I hope you got some information regarding the goa trip.

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