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Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Free money for pubg | Earn virtual money using google rewards

 Google rewards is one of the best way to earn easy money.You can download the app in google play store.I'm going to share my experience with google rewards.
  • Open the app and it takes installation process after completion it shows personal information to complete the steps.
  • After initialization of the app we need to wait for the notification for the survey.
  • It takes one month for me to participate in first survey . you need little bit patience.
  • To get fast survey you need to switch on location in mobile.
  • Survey is as simple as your daily routine work.
Once you got survey notification open the app then you'll find survey confirmation.After selecting 'Ok got it' your survey get started.
Just simple questions for example 


  1. How much time it takes to reach a store ?
  2. How much you spend in store ?
  3. Which product you bought frequently ?
After completion of survey money get rewarded in reward history instantly.
Mostly survey comes with 4 questions . But for sometimes based on your location survey will changes and also you will get some extra money.

Mostly for a month you will get 4-5 surveys you need to utilize with in a time otherwise it willexpires.You can use this reward to buy a app from the google play store.
Enjoy the fun with survey and also get money.

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