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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Temperature change using mobile app


In future winters, your smartphone could also keep your feet warm. Digitsole is an insole that connects to a mobile device and lets you adjust the temperature of your shoes. It also helps with your posture.

By using this type of technology we can control the temperature in our shirts or tees by the mobile app. You may get a doubt about what happens if there is no charging in mobile but you try to control the temperature, there is a manual process also in-built in this innovation.

The same concept is used in roads where snow is covered thickly. It's very hard to clear the roads at that time even with skid steer loaders and snow blowers. They need to clean fervently to overcome this situation some engineers came up with a concept like heaters while laying a road.

While constructing new roads they are placing thermal heaters at the bottom. So, that they can clear the snow by increasing the temperatures.These temperatures can control using mobile apps. Nowadays engineers are working smart to clear the climatic problems.

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