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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

New Samsung Folded Phone


Tech giant Samsung comes up with an unbeatable product which is to beat the competitors and set a new record for the mobile industry.

Mobile is built with bonded, tissue-thin layers of innovative materials, Galaxy Fold's flexible screen is incredibly slender and elegant. Enjoy it as a smartphone, or unfold it into a tablet with a surprisingly delicate touch. Which we can experience a cinema-grade display on a whole new level. See your movies and games with incredible vibrant hues.


The Dynamic AMOLED display provides HDR10+ color and contrast with Dynamic Tone Mapping to ensure lifelike hues in each scene on-screen. Eye comfort display adjusts for the optimal light. The display is engineered to reduce harmful blue light without the use of filters, to keep colors true while lessening eye strain.

The precision-crafted hinge is made of multiple interlocking gears hidden away on the rear for an elegant look while allowing for minimal bezels on the main display. Tested and retested for durability alongside the Infinity Flex Display, it stands up to the folds and unfolds of everyday life.

Explore the future of color with fantastical, dynamic finishes that change with the light. Each unique hue is made with highly polished glass for a premium feel in your hand.

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