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Monday, 22 February 2016

Eye-Borg for colour blind

Color blindness is color vision deficiency where people can't able to view certain colors most often in males. Yearly, millions of cases are increasing or filing. As new technology is increasing there is a chance of curing these kinds of conditions.

It does not list under disability it comes under color vision deficiency. There is another possibility for this condition is glasses where we can get in both off and online stores. But some case studies say that it may or may not work for some people based on their vision condition. These EnChroma glasses are somewhat cost-effective so most people can't afford it. Because of these, some engineers come up with a new technology where people can view colors effectively.

Mostly while recruiting in the military or any marine field they mainly check color blindness tests concerning the optometrist where they will have some color shade cards with a combination of red, green, yellow numbers. We have to close one eye and need to identify the number.

An eyeborg or eye-borg is a body modification apparatus which typically fits on the wearer's head, and is designed to allow people to perceive color through sound waves. It works with a head-mounted antenna that senses the colors directly in front of a person and converts them in real-time into sound waves through bone conduction.

Hope so in future we'll expect this kind of new equipment for the fulfillment of mankind and lead a peaceful life.

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