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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Dji Handheld camera stand


Instead of placing in tripods or other bases cameras it can place in hand and shoot films. This is the best way to shoot cinematic shots using this DJI, you can see nowadays vloggers are increasing as well fans also increasing for them because of there video skills which can be used by these kinds of mechanisms. Especially for YouTubers for there travel vlog they recommend mostly this handy DJI for the top class experience.

In case you’ve ever wondered what it was like to shoot drone-quality video from the palm of your hand, DJI has just introduced the Inspire One stabilizer camera. This new product transforms the quality of smartphone video into ultra-crisp 4K footage via a mount that connects your phone to the detached drone lens, The Verge reported. That’s right. The days of dizzying cellphone videos are (finally) coming to an end, thanks to DJI.

Not only DJI but also there are so many companies which are trying their luck in this industry. By using this you can individually take quality video without shaking and also mainly someone's help. It mainly used for skaters, travel vloggers, swimmers, etc.,

From wedding shoots to short filmmakers all are showing interest in this handheld camera stand where we can control camera operations by using the buttons which provide in the stand. Also, another tricky usage is camera movements like upside-down shots in which viewers are going crazy with these kinds of shots. If you are YouTuber or a vlogger it is the best way to show your camera skills and increase the viewers and audience.

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